Poetry Challenge #2:California Ghost Town Poem Raffle


California’s official gold mining ghost town, Bodie was once notorious as the wildest town in the West. From 1877 to 1888, the community swelled to more than 10,000 residents and produced over $35 million in gold and silver. This Halloween let us put Bodie back on the poetic map. Please post your poems by October 31st. Please give feedback on poems by November 5th.

In honor of the gambling men of Bodie, each poem and response submitted will be entered into a raffle. You might just find yourself winning a game of poker. 🙂

Poetic Challenge #1: The Haunted Poem

Create Your Own Frankenstein
Create Your Own Frankenstein

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein for a bet without prizes. This Halloween the Scary Story Wars are back; only this time with prizes. I will mail a copy of Frankenstein to the author of the “best” Haunted Poem. All poems must be submitted by October 31st. I will announce the winner on November 5th. All poems will be open to review (aka workshop). Please keep in mind this is a space for “growth.” All comments must be constructive (or else I will track you down and kick you in your shins. Be afraid. Be very afraid!).