Shiva and the Big Gender Question: Poetry Prompt December 2009

Gender…Is it Real?

Shiva, the he /she god of life and distruction, is an interesting interprutation of the divides / overlaps between the sexes. Write a poem that investigates the concept of gender. All poems submited will be entered into a raffle to win one of the titles listed on the Bees’ Knees Book Club!

Fire lines! Yes!

The Unlikely Mother: Poetry Prompt December 2009

Who Knew…This Could be Mom?

Write a poem that includes some of the more unexpected aspects of motherhood, childhood, growing up in the hood, and all the other hoods. Every poem submited will be included in a raffle to win one of the titles listed in the Bees’ Knees Book Club!

Happy Writing!

November Free-For-All–Poetry Workshop

Beating the Dead Horse


Dear Poetry Friends,

Welcome to the November Bees’ Knees Poetry Workshop!

As a special request, I ask you to invite other poets to join our group.

Post a message on Facebook, Tweet, shout into the sky:

come play poetry with us!

Bring a friend to the Bees’ Knees and be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Jack Kerouac’s Tristessa!


October Winners and November Highlights

Our Lucky Winners Are:

Mr. Fancy Ryan (Free-for-All Treat)

Alexis Vergalla (Bodie)

Fernando McGregor (Haunted Poem)

Please email me (NicelleCDavis (at) gmail (dot) com)

with your contact information so I can mail you your prize.

HalloweenI hope everyone had a marvelous holiday.

Thank you to all of you poets, editors, and readers

for making the Bees’ Knees first month a truly ghoulish experience.

(We set out to make a monster and a poetry monster we have!)

Here is a sneak peek at

the incredible November line-up:

November Poetry Prompts:

  1. Beat Poets (write a beat-like poem and be entered to win a copy of Allen Ginsberg’s Death & Fame),
  2. Micheal Jackson and the song “Beat It” (write a poem about the King of Pop and be entered to win a MJ C.D.)
  3. and the monthly “Free-for-All” workshop is open to one and all

The November Bees’ Threes will include interviews with the phenomenal:

  1. Kaite Hillenbrand, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Connotation Press
  2. Arlene Ang, Editor of The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1
  3. Bonnie Bolling, Editor of Verdad Magazine