Winter Poetry Challenge: Strip A Poem Down To Its Live Self, Then Build It Up With Disco Dance Glamour

I am a big fan of the band Metric. In their iTunes interview series, they give great advice to artist of all mediums. In this interview segment they talk about how they create texture in their music by using “the campfire test.”

The Campfire Test: Strips away the arrangements—the tricks of poetry–in order to look at the health of the works foundations.

For this poetry challenge, I encourage you to write in simple sentences in order to diagnose what is going “off” in the structures of your poem. Once you have the heart of what you want to say down, you can add the crazy tone shifts and grammatical dazzle (without feeling like your “covering up” a week spot in the poem).

Please post, both your “acoustic poem” and “disco version” for discussion.

Best love of art to all of you,

Nicelle Davis

Metric iTunes Interview