The Poems of The Living Poetry Project AWP: Melanie Huber

It is my goal to respond to the work of each poet who generously gave poems for The Living Poetry Project-AWP before the month of March is over.  I’d like to begin by saying a little about a talented poet (who is also a generous, funny, and kind poetry friend).

I was very excited when Melanie Huber sent me her work with a message that read:

I have a mission assignment for you, should you choose to accept.

I accepted her poetic challenge.

Melanie sent me 21 amazing poems–ekphrasis poems! In good guerrilla poetry fashion, I have been trying distributing her lovely words to the world.

(O, how I love these poems by Melanie; let me count the ways…) I made 3 copies of the manuscript. The first copy, I left randomly around the hotels hosting AWP. The second copy, I left randomly on buses and taxis in Chicago.

That left me with one more copy to share once I made it home.

I needed to drop off some books to Red Hen Press, whose office is conveniently located behind Vroman’s Bookstore. While I was there, the Red Hen staff generously donated boxes (I mean BOXES) of books for the Living Poetry Project to distribute to local high schools. (Yet, another reason to love Red Hen Press!)

From the Red Hen office, J.J. and I traveled to Vroman’s Bookstore, where we hid the final copy of Melanie’s manuscript in the various free city journals. (We also left mini books that showcased works from the great and generous journal,  A cappella Zoo).

I hope the poetry of Melanie Huber finds you–makes you cry, laugh, and think. I hope you find A cappella Zoo, where hundreds of poems and stories wait for you!

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