2 thoughts on “A Poetry Puppet Show is in the Works

  1. Just visited the site for LITFEST–I great affinity for the event, being both a poet and career puppeteer. i’m opening a new solo show on May 10: Mano a Monolog. Did first preview last night as a house concert and got great response. The pieces range from light verse character sketch to Gothic ghost story to poignant recollection. I don’t think I can attach a flyer here, but here’s a link to the web page for the theatre where it will premier: http://puppetshowplace.org/index.php?page=mano-a-monolog

  2. Looks like a great event. I’m both a poet and a career puppeteer. Have known Bob Baker’s company for a long time and published a big article about him a few years ago (I’m the editor of Puppetry International magazine). Also, I am about to open a new solo show called “Mano a Monolog”–a mix of poetic and dramatic monologs, some of which are performed with puppets. Had my first preview last night–great audience response! I can’t attach a flyer here, I guess, but here is a link to the theatre where it till premier next week: http://puppetshowplace.org/index.php?page=mano-a-monolog

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