Prom: Second Call for Zoltar Submissions

Justin Wallace Kibbe as Zoltar

Thanks to the creative forces of our Zoltar authors and the magical Justin Wallace Kibbe, our Zoltar Speaks Poetry was a great success.

Zoltar will strike again

on October 5th

for the Red Hen Kickstarter

1450 Ocean Event

in Santa Monica

If you would like to participate, please send your visionary poems to nicellecdavis @

The Poetry Prom was a great kickoff for the Red Hen Kickstarter. It is always amazing to see what happens when people gather over a common purpose.

I can’t think of a better Queen than Laurel Ann Bogen, or a better King than Douglas Kearney. These poets have enrich countless lives with their talent, kindness, and energy.

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Every person, every effort, collectively makes a difference. I’ve always been drawn to Red Hen Press because they are striving to make history. There are few opportunities for us to shine; Red Hen works diligently to make the world a little more interesting, a little more beautiful. Red Hen makes the world a place where dreams can come true.

Every little bit of generosity lead to great possibilities. Red Hen needs you.  Please give what and how you can to this Kickstarter campaign.