Poetry Umbrellas: The Living Poetry Project will be giving away 30 umbrellas–150 poems by 100 different poets.


Please come find me and I’ll give you an umbrella.

AWP is busy; it is a mad whirl of books, ideas, and people. If you let it, it is can be rush of joy.  It is important to let it be joyful.

Because it is so busy, I made a little list of  places I’ll be; this way if you are looking for umbrellas, metaphor hands, or glitter, you’ll know where to look. I will be looking for you!

On Wednesday 5 umbrellas will be given out at the AROHO party.


On Thursday 5 Umbrellas will be given out at The Run of the Ancient Mariner off-sight Reading

I’m a happy to say that I will also have crowns, wigs, hats, glitter, glam, and metaphor hands to give out.


Please come and be fabulous with us on a glass bottom boat!


On Friday 5 umbrellas will be give out at Red Hen Press at Hugo House!


Most of my time will be at the Red Hen Booth. I have the honor of representing The LA Review.

I am also scheduled to have three book signings for Becoming Judas

I wanted to make these mini-poetry-parties. So please stop by to ask for umbrellas and:

Thursday 10:30-12:30

A photo op with Jesus and Judas! And to make an exquisite corps of me. Yippee!


Friday, 9:00-10:30 A.M.

This Octopus will swim out from under the table and sing to you. Octopus serenade!


Saturday, 10:30-11:30

The Beatles will kiss you! No really. Kiss. You.