The Final PUSH! Les Figues Press Read-a-thon

All donations will help Les Figues Press make more books. As a nonprofit literary press, Les Figues is dedicated to publishing innovative books of poetry, prose, and translation, focusing especially on works that are too outside genre or marketing conventions to find a home elsewhere. Like this and this, or this and that and this one too.

My Les Figues Press Fund Page  :

If I make my goal ($100) I’ll get three beautiful books; I’ll share them with you. I’ll call you at night and read to you before you go to sleep. (If you think that’s creepy, I won’t do it–I’ll just say thank you.)

Okay. Okay. I’m behind. It happens. I said I would read 20 books but this and this and this and this and this kept happening. BUT HERE IT IS…

the final week of the Les Figues Press summer Read-a-thon fundraiser!

I really do love the books Les Figues make. I want them to make more. I also like keeping promises, SO this summer’s read-a-thon has just turned into a marathon (well a walk-read-a-thon). Last night with my trusty second-hand treadmill (I call her Sally) I walked 6 miles and read 3 Les Figues Press titles.



Alta Ifland’s book is stunning. Broke my heart at times, delighted me countless times. This book has such a familiar yet surprising language.


Chop Shop by Stephanie Taylor is cool. She makes a word game out of “Riding In My Car” by Woody Guthrie that explodes into a visual, audio, conceptual masterpiece that centers around car theft. (Yes this was a faster tempo read on the treadmill than the first; Les Figues publishes all kinds of silent music. And YES! that is a book centerfold–so sexy!

11114820_10152986112105911_7354623584031758274_o (1)

Stan Apps / God’s Livestock Policy is official on my top 10 list of awesome reads. I will say more bout this later, bur for now I have to start reading again.

Tonight’s Read-Walk-a-Thon will include the following titles:


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