Les Figues Press Read-a-thon Ends Today


So here is my actual tally for books read:

From the Trench Art: Casements Series / Nuala Archer, Sissy Boyd, Vincent Dachy, Christine Wertheim

From the Trench Art: Maneuvers Series / Harald Abramowitz, Lily Hoang, Paul Hoover, and Mathew Timmons

From the Trench Art: Parapet Series / Stan Apps, Alta Ifland, and Stephanie Taylor

From the Trench Art: Recon Series / Jennifer Calkins, Pam Ore, and Vanessa Place

(I don’t know how or why I lost my copy of Teresa Carmody’s book from this series, but I know I’m mad about it.)

From the Trench Art: Tracer Series / Sophie Robins, Amina Cain, and Kim Rosenfield

That brings my total to 17 books. Not quite the 20 I was aiming for, but the day isn’t over yet is it?

Please give me a bust to finish three books today by giving to the Les Figues Press Fundraiser. Here is my page:

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