The Living Poetry Project

Welcome 2012!!!

 I’m excited to begin the New Year with a fresh approach to language.

2011 proved to be a year of chaos and lessons derived from chaos. Much happened this year, much changed, much was left unattended (like this blog unfortunately); it seemed like time in 2011 was off the leash. It took all I had to keep the year in my sights as it bounded through good and bad terrain. While I never lost hope for the magic of poetry, I did begin to question its function in the world. Why poetry? Seemed to be my daily mantra. At the arrival of the New Year—I found my answer—because poetry is beautiful.

The world can always use a little more beauty—or rather, a reminder from poetry that life is beautiful.

My resolution for 2012—to enjoy time—to run with it—live with it—and be “in love” with poetry. This is my goal: to physically take poetry everywhere I go and share it.

To launch this New Year’s resolution, I’d like to begin with

Dave Bonta’s chapbook Odes To Tools.

This amazing little book is as charming as it is heartbreaking. In this book, the work of “repairing” and “building” finds roots in the breaks of life. I highly recommend reading this collection.  Take for an example the poem, “Ode To A House Jack:”

To bring Odes To Tools with me in my hometown, I decided to hand write Bonta’s poems onto Thank You Cards. I gave these “love letters to tools” to people who work with them everyday.

I met many kind, generous, and funny people while sharing Odes To Tools with my community. For this (and many other reasons), I’m grateful to Dave Bonta. His book has helped me connect with the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of my home–it has helped bring poetry closer to those who construct the home I love.

Odes To Tools is a tribute to the makers of this world—a testament for beauty.