The Living Poetry Project

Nicelle Davis is the director of The Living Poetry Project. In attempts to have poetry everywhere and anywhere, The Living Poetry Project endeavors to build community by collaborating with students and artists with the hope of introducing people to art. That is, giving poems to construction workers; or surprising shoppers with hidden poems in the pockets of jeans on a store’s sale rack; burning a Rumi poem into small pieces of wood left scattered in a restaurant; or writing a poem on a T-shirt and give it away. The Living Poetry Project reimagines poetry’s influence within the everyday, waiting to enliven and deepen a momentary and isolated experience.

2 thoughts on “The Living Poetry Project

  1. I’d like to see more disposable poetry, poetry so plentiful that it’s found discarded on the road with litter, so that even our trash is literary. I want poetry on ketchup packets, beer bottles, nakpkins, beer coasters, toilets, urinals, so yeah. let’s do that. cuz what you’re doing rocks and rocks the boat. tip those posers out and let the poets play!

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