The Poetry Circus Fundraiser Day 7

Dear Friends,

We are on day 7 of fundraising for The Poetry Circus! I’m delighted to say we are only $585.00 away from funding the return of The Los Angeles Poetry Circus. I’ve spoken with Juan, the owner of the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, and he is happy to have us return Saturday, September 19th for the second (hopefully annual) Poetry Circus. As soon as we reach the $2,000.00 mark, I will begin planning and programing for this event.

Please give, share, and know we are very close to celebrating the return of The Poetry Circus to LA.

I have more great news for the world of Poetry Circuses! Traveler, teacher, writer, and advocate for the arts, Annette Schiebout, will be our co-producer for The Minneapolis Poetry Circus. We have tentatively scheduled this event for the weekend of July 24-26. Again, we must raise approximately $2,000 to produce a Poetry Circus in the home of Purple Rain.

Besides providing crafts for kids, a book fair, and free entertainment (poetic, musical, and performance), The Poetry Circus would also like to create a Poetry Circus anthology. Again, the more funds raised the higher the tightrope, the longer the trapeze drop, the greater number of pink poodles we can have.

Also, a big goal of mine is to give modest honorariums to the poets, musicians, and performers; artist should be honored, yes? Yes!

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