Dear Friends,

Here is our chance to make more space in the world for art.

MHQ has been intered into a small business program (Mission: Small Business) with the opportunity to be awarded $250,000.  They have just ten days to gather 250 supporters, those projects that receive 250 supporters are presented to a panel of selected business experts.

Thus, your help is very much appreciated.




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Magnetic Poetry: A Call For Submissions

Dear Bees Knees Friends,

This summer I would like to put more poetry in motion.

I am accepting submissions for poems and visual art to be published on car magnets. (That’s right, car magnets.)

These magnets will be place all over the Southern California region in hopes of infusing our long commute times with poetry.

Please submit your work to by August 1, 2012.

Best Wishes and Luck to you all.

Here is a sample of the Car Magnet: