Black Friday? No, Circus Friday!

The Poetry Circus

Black Friday. Yikes.

According to The Mirror, Black Friday is the following:

1. A Fight: Shoppers wrestle over a television
2. The Origin: Black Friday could have come from the traffic jams that clogged Philadelphia after Thanksgiving
3. Another Black Friday: Police and Suffragettes clashed on what was known as ‘Black Friday’ in 1910
4. The first recorded use of Black Friday was applied not to holiday shopping but to the crash of the U.S. gold market on September 24, 1869, caused by two unscrupulous criminals.

Not interested in any such Friday? (Me either.)

Still interested in finding the perfect gift to show someone special that you love them? How about a Circus?

These gift certificates are pay what you will or want. If it needs to be free…let it be free. If you have a few extra dollars to help many people (possibly even yourself) find some joy…please contribute.

Feel free to print these gift certificates, wrap them, give them, and keep in your pocket a promise to spend a memorable night with those you make memories with.

Any contributions to The Third Poetry Circus will gratefully be received at .

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